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Thanks for stopping by… I am Mineetha. This site is my personal blog documenting my data science learning journey.

As a child, I always admired writers, especially female writers and journalists. I dreamt of becoming a writer then. But in those days selection of a profession was purely based on the subject for which we score the highest. I was very good at mathematics and joined for Engineering in CET (College of Engineering, Trivandrum). Slowly I started forgetting my childhood dream of becoming a writer. I even stopped reading books other than engineering ones.

Days turned into months and years. I continued my education and took a Master’s degree in Engineering from NIT, Calicut. It was during my graduate days I fell in love with Statistics. The major chunk of my thesis work consisted of data collection and analysis and I had used Multiple linear regression for statistical modelling. I love to do research on the topics I am curious about!

I started my career as a research assistant at Bangalore University in the Department of Transportation. As I was climbing the career ladder, I was getting different experiences mainly in the areas of software development, business analysis, Production support, and data analysis.

During my Software Engineer days, I got the opportunity to create the design documents both preliminary and detailed design documents. Later, I was leading the requirement gathering team and was responsible for the API documentation at the client’s location. As a senior project officer in IIT-Madras, I was doing traffic data analysis and making meaningful reports out of it.

After working in the IT industry for more than 15 years, I decided to take a sabbatical. As I am/was always curious about learning new things, I learned how to start a blog and started blogging.

But I have always been a techie and the life away from my IT career didn’t stop me from learning anything technical. I have always had an interest in data analysis. Creating stories by analyzing and visualizing the patterns fascinates me. So I joined Coursera and learned Machine learning, R Programming, and Tableau.

I am doing a post-graduate program in machine learning and AI now. Even though I am still learning, I thought it’d be nice if I share my scribbling notes here. These notes are based on my own learning, and my attempt to articulate my understanding. If there are errors in my understanding, please feel free to correct me so that we can all learn together in the process. Click here for my blog page

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PS: I used to feel that my passion for writing and my affinity towards technical topics are two parallel lines. But now I think those are two different dots that I can easily connect by writing technical articles!

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